Get to Know The Founder

Bethany Kemp

After working in advertising sales and marketing in Chicago for over ten years, Bethany has found a knack for what works for brands both big and small. Now living in Denver, it’s her passion to help you reach your business goals through social media strategies that help tell your story and connect you with the right people. Whether it’s getting your brand off of the ground by determining your initial approach to social media or creating custom graphics and copywriting, Bethany does her best to bring out the personality of your business and engage with your audience in a voice that represents your brand.


Denver, CO

Favorite Social Media Platform:


Fun Facts:

1. Thinks London is the most fabulous city in the world

2. Looks forward to one day having a walk-in closet with an island

3. Wants to play guitar well, speak fluently in a second language and learn how to surf